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This garden started as 1.25 acres of dense impenetrable woods, but with the help of a few lumberjacks, we transformed it into 12 garden rooms within five days. All of the room 'walls' were created from the original understory. The rest took 15 years to come to where it is now. I hope you enjoy these photos.

Friendship Garden in July.

View of the Friendship Garden from the porch in July. Most of the plants in this area were gifts from friends.

View from the porch

View from the back porch in June

sayers daylily walk

Some of my hybrid daylilies in the 'Display Garden'.

The White Garden

The 'White Garden' covers the side yard, joining front to back. Over the years, I've collected old garden statuary when vacationing.

Seedling Bed

Part of the 'Hybridizing Area' where all the serious work takes place. I can't wait to get out there first thing in the morning to see what's new.


The 'Daylily Walk' in early Spring with pathways of old found brick. The daylilies grow so big, it's hard to see the brick at any other time.

The Fairy Garden

The 'Fairy Garden' at dusk, where if you sit a moment, and are really quiet... you just may see the fairies dance.

Sayers Garden Gate

My 'new dawn' rose, at the garden gate, saying "Come on in and stay a spell". This area connects the 'White Garden' to the 'Rose Garden.

Painting of my garden by Mary Ahern

Mary Ahern is an old friend from The New York Botanic Gardens. She's a well know botanical artist on Long Island, who does these wonderful paintings of plants and gardens.

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