Future Introductions

These are some of my seedlings, currently in the display beds, that are being considered for registration.

Seedling 109.01  Awaiting approval of "Makes Me Smile".

Seedling #109.01 out of Passion's Promise breeding is bright and happy. You can see it from across the garden.

Sweet Eileen Ann

Sweet Eileen Ann - Named by Marion Romeo in memory of her special cousin. (Awaiting name approval by AHS.)

Seedling Wicked II

Out of 'Wicked White Witch' breeding, actually one of the "Witchy Sisters" by a different pod. A high % politepalous plant. 9" bloom, great branching and bud count, diploid.


Seedling 21.15 reminds me of those pink starlight mints.


Seedling 42.98/22.14 One of the whitest, most consistant doubles I have out of Joan Senior breeding.


Seedling # 10.98 looks like pink suede.


Seedling 118.01/3.14 a double out of Passion's Promise has that lovely lemon/ lime throat.

Seedling 20.14

Seedling 20.14, a tiny 2.25" flower, won Best Seedling at the LIDS flower show.

Seedling 50.17

Seedling # 50.17 9" flower, bi tone, 45 to 50% polytepalous bloom, diploid. Out of Whispering Violet Water Waltz and seedling.

Seedling 15.01

Seedling 15.01 High percent, 75%, Polytepalous bloom, 9" flower, 36" high, diploid, out of Larry Young's Wow and a Whispering seedling.

Seedling 09.14

Seedling #9.14 Double, 6" flower, 37" high, sibling to #21.15. Being lined out this season. First bloom year was 2002. Larry Young's Wow kid.

seedling 21.15

Seedling #21.15, Crested double, 6" flower, 29" high. sibling to #9.14 Being lined out this season. First bloom year was 2002. Larry Young's Wow kid.

Seedling 20.15

Seedling 20.15, a late white, starts blooming for me about August 8 or so. A cascade, UF it has an 8" flower, is about 36" tall , has very good branching and bud count. Blooms into September. Need to get out of the field and line out. First bloom year was 2001.

Seedling 112.98

Seedling #112.98 Very intense, saturated, red with heavy substance, halo, yellow green throat and yellow edge. 5" bloom, 26" high, Late-mid, Tetraploid. First bloom year was 1998.

Seedling 37.13

Seedling #37.13 a 9" bloom, high percent politepalous with very large, extended green/white throat and lavender eye on a pale lavender self. Diploid. (Larry Young's Wow x Whispering line seedling)

Seedling 19.40/72.00

Seedling #19.40/72.00 an Unusual Form with cascade and recurved petals, and quilled, twisted, corkscrew, sepals. Pale pink with extended white green throat, and white midrib. 7"(10" extended) bloom, 40" high. Diploid. (seedling x seedling) First bloom year was 2000.

Seedling 2.15

Seedling #2.15, a high percent polytepalous, 9" pale pink with pale, yellow/green throat' rose eye, and ruffled edge. Rebloom. Diploid. Reserved 'Eight Ladies Dancing' for a name.

Seedling 18.99

Seedling #18.99 Double light red with intense red notched eye, yellow green throat and yellow edge. 4.5" Passion's Promise breeding. First bloom year was 1991.

Seedling 17.03/39.00

Seedling #17.03/39.00 Vibrant hot pink double with crested petaloids, ruffled petals, and sepals, and yellow green throat. 4.5" bloom, 28" high. Blooms Mid late thru August. Semi-evergreen, tetraploid. First bloom year was 2000.

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