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(Sayers 2023) Stippled and Repeats

LAVENDER PINK CLOUD - I've been enjoying this 5.5" Stippled beauty in my garden for years and have decided to release it. The bloom is a very pale, cool lavender pink beauty with green heart going out to a lemon lime throat, surrounded by a cloudy, stippled lavender eye. All is intersected with a white midrib. There's a double edge, one lavender, stippled and ruffled, which is surrounded with a guided wire picotte. This plant has 24 buds on a 30" hi scape with 5 way branching. The plant is Vigorous, Tetraploid, Semi-Evergreen, Repeats and fertile both ways. Seedling #

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Pat Sayers Whispering Hills Garden
19 Greenhill Lane
Huntington, NY 11743
P:(516). 650-2320

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