$50.00 Double Fan

Available Fall

(Sayers 2020) Color Changer

NIGHT INTO LIGHT - Color Changer - In the morning, it's dark velvety purple with a navy band and yellow green throat. As the day progresses, first the sepals start to lighten to pale lavender, then the petals lighten to change to violet with a navy band, and white midribs appear on the petals. By late afternoon depending on light and temperature, the plant finishes with grey/lavender petals, with a darker band, chrome yellow eye and light cream lavender sepals.
It's a Passion's Promise kid, which is where it gets it's gift of color changing. Bloom size is 5" on a 3 way branched, 34" scape with 26 buds. It's a Early Midseason, Tetraploid, and Semi-Evergreen. Seedling # 50.00.

Night Into Light

NIGHT INTO LIGHT - Color Changer


NIGHT INTO LIGHT - Early Morning


NIGHT INTO LIGHT - Early Afternoon

Night Into Light3

NIGHT INTO LIGHT - Late Afternoon

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